Total Control Drilling (TCD) are a construction and service company that travels throughout NZ providing specialized drilling systems and techniques to all drilling projects. TCD have the expertise and resources to successfully complete any project related to drilling, exploration, well completions and consultancy.

Our multidisciplinary team offers a complete range of services across the following areas:-

  • Drilling – Water wells, Geothermal and Oil & Gas
  • Drilling – Large diameter Pre-collar conductors to various depths
  • Drilling – Foundation, Environmental, Geotech and Mineral investigations
  • Provision of scientific and visualization 3-D and 2-D surface Seismic surveys in preparations of pre-sourcing groundwater activities, locations, depths and potential reservoirs prior to any drilling programme (Risk management removal and quality assurance controlled measures)
  • Aquifer pump and Well-testing, including plant rental of submersible pumps and generator power supplies
  • CCTV / Camera bore-hole inspections up to 350 metres and consultancy work (Bore repairs, Insurance work, Quality assurance inspections and Client disputes)
  • Resource management consent compliance for Groundwater extraction permits and Hydrology reporting

Our key strength is professionalism, expertise and commitment to the integrity of your work, our team and our clients.  TCD is made up of a team where senior members have extensive experience in the delivery of drilling services and our core drilling staff is highly skilled, methodical and has the knowledge and experience to deal with even the most diverse drilling conditions.

All of our staff appreciates the importance of Health and Safety and we have integrated all requirements with our operations in a very effective and productive manner.  TCD is conscious of our environment and have procedures, systems and monitoring in place to ensure no harm is done and that land and waterways are unaffected.

What Our Clients Say?

We think we’re pretty special, but don’t take our word for it, read what many of our customers think of us.

Spa Hotel

We asked Jamie Thomas from Total Control Drilling to visit the site of the Spa Hotel in the township of Taupo along with 4 other independent drillers. We asked him to complete an initial assessment, and tender a submission for the drilling of a geothermal well at the end of…

Adrian Good - Director

Sparkling Spring (NZ)

Sparkling Spring approached Total Control Drilling Limited to drill a bore for our bottling plant at National Park Village in 2012. TCD, its Managing Director Jamie Thomas provided us with excellent services starting from planning advice till the very last step of completion the bore. During the drilling process there…

Director of Sparkling Spring Ltd

Clive Jury

Total Control Drilling has recently drilled a well/bore for me at 1590 Otaraoa Road. They were very professional as they carried out the work. Safety was of a good standard. The communication was great. The work site including offices etc was very tidy. The reports etc that was received was…

Bruce Hodgson

Jamie Thomas – company director of Total Control Drilling have operated efficiently and cautiously on our small property; to drill for a geothermal bore. Jamie and his staff applied safety procedures earnestly, throughout the whole development no incidents took place. All council regulations were met under the administration of Jamie.…

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