CCTV / Down-hole camera inspections

TCD uses a borehole closed circuit television (CCTV) survey to record video inspections of water bores to determine current bore conditions, verify bore construction details and determine whether preventative maintenance of the bore / well is required.

This down-hole camera is a portable dual-view system with automated control for either down-hole or side-view video profiles. The side-view lens includes 360 degree rotation to the right and left with no external moving parts. The camera has effective survey capabilities for wells ranging from 2inch up to 14inch in diameter.


  • Periodic inspections to determine existing bore constructions
  • New bore construction inspections
  • Insurance claims / repair remedial bore reconstructions
  • Client disputes with contractor
  • Groundwater monitoring (eg physical water quality)
  • Locating lost tools or broken drilling equipment in the well