Water Wells

A comprehensive range of services are available for clients whether it is considering a new water supply well, or the maintenance and refurbishment of an existing supply. The design of water wells can then be formulated to anticipate ground conditions and ensure construction does not introduce unnecessary limitations.

Equipment and experience combine to ensure the best service is offered in all key areas of well design, construction, aquifers development and testing. On these projects, maintaining a high awareness of environmental issues are taking steps to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination are essential elements in this type of project and key to the validity of the testing.

A water well or water bore is an underground structure that extracts water from the ground for supply purposes. There are two basic bore designs, “Open hole” and “Screened bore”.

Geology is the main factor that determines which sort of bore is most suitable for a particular site.

Open-hole bores are usually constructed in rock geology, and screened bores are required more often in sand geology to restrict sediments entering the bore. De-watering bores are similar to water bores, although their purpose is to extract groundwater in order to reduce the water levels in a Mine’s, Quarries, Building foundations or Landfill sites.

  • Domestic bores
  • Irrigation wells
  • Frost protection bores
  • Bottled water bores for specialized applications and oversea sales
  • Community bores or drinking supplies
  • Dewatering wells
  • Industrial / Commercial wells
  • Lifestyle well
  • Farm bores
  • Bore servicing works