Walter Van Rossum

After experiencing and watching my neighbour’s unsuccessful attempts to find suitable water for his Dairy farming applications, we were referred to Jamie Thomas of Total Control Drilling Limited by a friend.

TCD, its Managing Director (Jamie Thomas) provided us with excellent services starting from planning advice through till the last steps for well completions.

We found Total Control Drilling and its crews to be very efficient, and informative all through the process of drilling my water well.
All of Total Control Drilling equipment is of a high standard and well maintained.

Health & Safety is paramount and all his crews are aware of dangers and shows awareness towards HSE.
We strongly recommend Total Control Drilling to anyone wanting a good job done.

Van Rossum Partnership Limited

Ozone Technologies

We have been working with Jamie for many years and have found Jamie undertakes every project with a high degree of professionalism. His performance in execution of each project has been outstanding. Plant and equipment are of a high standard and well maintained, housekeeping always of highest standard and Health & Safety is always promoted and consistently displayed in and around all sites. The drilling program development and constructions are equally of a high standard.

We promote Jamie and TCD Ltd to all our clients requiring bore drilling services. As we maintain an ongoing relationship with most of our clients we can state that the work carried out by TDC has met all expectations in both the short term and long term. Each project has proven to remain within specification throughout the past ten years. This is not often the case with many other drillers.

Yours sincerely,

Dirk Haselhoff
Director Ozone Technologies Ltd

Director Ozone Technologies Ltd

Roger and Lexie McCosh

After experiencing an unsuccessful attempt to find good quality water for a dairy farm, we were referred to Jamie Thomas of Total Control Drilling Ltd by a friend.
We found the Total Control drilling team to be very confident they could drill near our power source to get the results we required.

Jamie easily explained the development plan in detail and outlined progress and costs in a very professional manner.
The whole operation was top class with the arrival of trucks carrying drilling equipment and offices and setting up their site which they kept tidy and had signage showing their awareness of health and Safety.

We found Total Control Drilling Ltd to have a very professional attitude towards the drilling and engineering systems.
Jamie is very approachable and helpful and went that extra mile to make the operation a success. He kept us well informed during the stages of development and explained each stage very clearly.

We would strongly recommend total Control Drilling to anyone wanting a good job done.

Panea Farms Limited

Bert Fisher

I have known Jamie Thomas from Total Control Drilling for many years. Our company has used Jamie to drill a lot of bore holes for us.
In 2008 Jamie drilled 2 boreholes at the Kupe site in Manaia, South Taranaki.
No1 bore was 150mm diameter No2 bore was 250mm diameter.

These boreholes were drilled under very strict conditions, being only approx. 500mtrs from the sea.
Senior members of the Kupe Management were on site most of the time checking the containment of drilling fluids etc. and any environmental risks.
There was never any issue’s at all. After the drilling was finished the development of the bore started & between 90-100 M/3 of sand was bought to the surface with no spillage our environmental damage done at all.

In 2010 Jamie drilled a borehole for a client of ours which produced a large amount of water. (One of the biggest flows of water to be seen in Taranaki)
During the development of the bore a lot of papa / sand came to the surface which was contained & no environmental damage or spillages occurred.

In 2011 Jamie drilled a borehole at the Inglewood Golf Club for us the bore was drilled approx. 30mtrs away from a water way.
The golf club operated as normal, no hold ups & played golf as per normal.

The drilling fluids & bore development sands etc. where all contained at all times with no spillage or environmental damage done at all.
In all my 30 years of working with drilling company’s Jamie Thomas would be the most safety conscious and environmental conscious driller I have ever known.

Director of Northern Farm Services Ltd.

Tony McCourt

I had the pleasure of working with Total Control Drilling Limited for an Oil-well conductor

(Pre-collar to 50 metres) operation in the Taranaki region.
The crews were very attentive to their work drilling the surface hole and setting the conductor at less than one degree as required through very unstable and hard drilling conditions. There was no non-productive time for equipment breakdowns.

All crew members displayed considerable awareness on HSE issues and avoided spills. Onsite management was very professional and daily reporting accurate and timely.

I would recommend Total Control Drilling Limited for further conductor operations. 
If any operator would like to discuss any issues further please see my contact details below.

Tony McCourt
Consultant Drilling Supervisor

Consultant Drilling Supervisor

Bruce Hodgson

Jamie Thomas - company director of Total Control Drilling have operated efficiently and cautiously on our small property; to drill for a geothermal bore. Jamie and his staff applied safety procedures earnestly, throughout the whole development no incidents took place.

All council regulations were met under the administration of Jamie. Throughout the whole process, approximately a week, Jamie kept us informed and readily updated us when we had any inquiries.

We found Jamie to be both professional and friendly. And his staff was vastly knowledgeable about drilling techniques. The work was completed on time and within our budget. We are confident that any future client will be completely satisfied with Total Control Drilling services under the direction of Jamie Thomas.

Thank you, Jamie for your conscientious and pleasant manner. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a further reference.

John and Irene Begley

We recently drilled a bore with TCD (2015) Ltd. We had previously attempted unsuccessfully with another company and were referred to Jamie Thomas by a neighbour who had just drilled a bore and was very happy with the outcome.

We were nervous about going through the process again - but found Jamie was very reassuring and confident about finding water.

He is very professional and has excellent safety standards and a very tidy workplace.

He kept us fully informed before and during the process of drilling and on completion we received reports of a water sample test and bore log.

We are very pleased with the final result of a good working bore.

We found Jamie's manner and that of his staff to be of a very high standard and we have no hesitation recommending TCD (2015) Ltd.

Begley Partnership, Water wells

Felix Hunger

Jamie Thomas of Total Control Drilling has asked I write a reference relating the recent successful work carried out for Todd Energy (International Oil & Gas Company)
I am an Operations Supervisor specializing in drilling deep Oil and Gas wells internationally and have been in the industry 24 years.

Jamie has recently completed three conductor wells in a series and I have been the on site Drilling Supervisor during the last two.
This project with Jamie is about to finish as we have almost completed the program with only a couple of days to go. The program was specified "Turn Key" making Jamie responsible for a favorable out come in all respects and this I believe he has accomplished.
His success is due to careful pre-planning and attention to detail as set out below;

Jamie researched and analyzed the historic bore logs which in some cases were not that useful, but pieced information together to obtain the best knowledge in advance as possible.
Jamie had planning meetings with several persons where many details such as HSE, down hole cementing, bore design, casing design, fluid properties and site layout was discussed. Jamie attended and participated in the pre-planning HAZOP meetings.

Jamie has an HSE policy and philosophy which he promotes any chance he gets. He has daily pre-shift safety meetings and pre-job safety meetings where all facets of the up and coming tasks are discussed and the potential hazards are outlined and mitigated.
Jamie carries all relevant MSDS sheets pertaining to any chemical on site. I recorded 588 man hours on the first hole I was involved with and I expect the job we are about to finish will show a similar number.
No lost time was recorded and there were no accidents or incidents.

Jamie's drilling equipment range is quite extensive and is in very good condition.
All his equipment I have seen is fit for purpose and is up to or beyond his industry standard. Jamie often asks for advice / feedback on his services and how he could do better to provide a better service.
He keeps a lifting equipment register and makes sure all items have current certification.
Total Control Drilling provides a comprehensive camp and workshop facility which makes their operation more efficient and comfortable for their staff.

Jamie provides two daily logs. One is the drilling and operational detailed log and the other is completed by his lead hand.
He also communicates via email when services are available and maintains up to date contact with external supervisors.
Jamie is open to suggestions within the work scope and evaluates them accordingly.
Jamie communicates the daily work program to his employees in the safety meetings mentioned above.

Jamie keeps the work place clean and tidy. He is always mindful of the environment beyond the work place and strives to maintain protection of it.
As above there were no incidents or near misses during the recent work to date.
I expect Jamie will do well in the future with his drilling business.
Credit should be given to his approach and hence this letter.
All that I have seen has been admirable and expect to use his services in the future.
Should there be any queries pertaining to there letter, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

G.A Hunger
Operations Drilling Supervisor,

Kelly Down
Oilfield Supervision Ltd Mobile - 027 606 8887

Operations Drilling Supervisor

Brandon Adams

Jamie and the TCD team did a great job planning, drilling and helping us with everything from council consents, connecting us with an expert hydrologist, and expert advice about system design – He even sorted out some urgent earthworks so we could move forward with no delays.

Before we decided to contract TCD we had quotes and plans from two other drilling companies, both underestimated the depth and technical challenges of our bore and site – Jamie was right on target.

Jamie’s team are hard-working, professional and have a huge amount of experience.

We received accurate quotes and advice and always felt like we had all the information needed to make decisions - Jamie is positive and professional and always came with solutions.

His team were organised and when we visited the site it was clear that robust safety process were in place and the site was tidy and well-kept which was critical in our site where there was restricted space for the heavy equipment.

We knew that drilling a hole in the ground comes with uncertainty but our confidence in Jamie and his team was well founded and we now have a high yielding Thermal hot water bore that has made our project possible.

If you need to drill a bore, I would recommend Jamie and his team and if we ever drill again I’ll be calling him.”

Tauranga, Geothermal

Bore 814 Society

Dear Ms. Robertson,

I have been asked by Jamie Thomas, Project Manager of Total Control Drilling, to writ e to you concerning the replacement Re-injection Bore that his firm is contracted to drill and connect for this Society. I understand that this request of him was made just after 5pm last night.

Enclosed please find three map/diagrams used in maintenance work in the same area in August/September last year. Also enclosed is an Assignment for Massey University written by a friend of mine, that details carefully the history, initial setting-up, maintenance and present-day castings... which was ranked A+.

The photos, taken on a wet day, add to the over information. The society has 19 households participating in the scheme.....with negotiations for a further 1 almost complete. The houses are in Robertson St. (2) lytton St . (6) Holland St .(9) and TilseySt.(2) with a significant percentage of pensioner age. We are permitted geothermal flow for "up to 155tonnes daily" and our Permit Expirydate is April 30th 2016.

The bores are on two different properties......per courtesy of the owners. Both have had maintenance work from Rotorua Well-Drillers over the past two years and this Re-injection bore has been, increasingly over the past year, unable to accept the flow back into the aquifer. Last month we engaged TeDto inspect the site and to advise us what further remedial work we need ed done with the bore refusing re-injection and stop-gap measures from Rotorua Drilling actually collapsing and being of concern to passers-by or local children playing.

We were advised to do nothing further with that bore and have a new one drilled. The meetings were had, the necessary $48,000 collected, we were advised by them that the replacement could be fitted onto the same section.....obviating any need for more/differing reticulation. We have been very happy with th e overa ll care TeD have shown......with especial mention of Safety for both public and employees. Full protective fencing wa s up mor e than a week before work was started on site and we note that Jamie has been particular also over gaining the necessary certification before starting any work. We are most pleased with the results!

Today it is 20 days since we met Jamie initially, 18 since we decided to use TCD, th e same number since the fully protective fence was in place, 11 days since the drilling truck came on-site and 8 days since drilling started. Today drilling is planned to finish at th e prescribed depth of 116metres (give or take 10!) .....TCDand Geyserland Heating are tomorrow (after finally turning the bore off!) to make the transfer from #799 to #877.....and then TCD will plug and abandon the old bor e (799) with slurry mix......so finishing the job. My committee has arranged to have the fence surrounding the bore enclosure replaced, the new bore is within the boundary of Mrs. Richardson's land.....and we will landscape it as it was, to be mowed by me weekly. From my observation, from information from two fellow-committee helpers....and from Jamie I understand that we have had several inspections which all echoed our own feelings.......th at this work has been carefully planned and even more carefully supervised. An Inspector from Dept. of Labour has been on-site more than once and has expressed a "Highly Recommended" for the set-up, methodology and standards attained of this project.

I hope that this information is of use to your query,

Your Sincerely

John Pinfold
Hon. Secretary

John Pinfold - Hon. Secretary


Having had a bad experience from another drilling company I had a ring from Jamie to see if he could help. I have found Total Control Drilling to be very efficient, and informative all through the process of drilling my water well.

Jamie has been very good at explaining every step ofthe process, and been very forthcoming with presenting information and advice to best construct my well to suit my needs now and into the future.

All Total controls equipment is of high standard and well maintained. Health and Safety is paramount and all his crew are aware of the dangers.
I have no hesitation in recommending Total Control Drilling.

Sparkling Spring (NZ)

Sparkling Spring approached Total Control Drilling Limited to drill a bore for our bottling plant at National Park Village in 2012.

TCD, its Managing Director Jamie Thomas provided us with excellent services starting from planning advice till the very last step of completion the bore. During the drilling process there were regular updates and follow ups, all the issues arising were addressed and sorted in reasonable time frame. TCD team work has been a significant factor in Sparkling Spring project success and I can confidently recommend Total Drilling Ltd as a solid, reliable and experts in their field.

Kristine Bernadska - Director of Sparkling Spring Ltd

Director of Sparkling Spring Ltd

Spa Hotel

We asked Jamie Thomas from Total Control Drilling to visit the site of the Spa Hotel in the township of Taupo along with 4 other independent drillers.
We asked him to complete an initial assessment, and tender a submission for the drilling of a geothermal well at the end of May 2011.
We needed this geothermal well to be drilled in order to generate hot water for our motel complex.

Jamie and Total Control Drilling were selected by The Spa Hotel to complete the job of drilling our geothermal bore due to their competitive quote and the thoroughness and professionalism Jamie displayed during the initial consultation.

Jamie also took on the urgency of our situation, as our previous bore had collapsed on itself and stopped delivering hot water to our motel rooms.
Jamie and his team had to deal with very strict guidelines imposed by Environment Waikato and local councils.

This was for both their drilling process and extraction from the well due to the close proximity that our bore was being drilled to a Historical Moari feature, and a significant geothermal feature.
We have the only privately owned Marae in the country, and a geothermal stream that runs down the outside of our property and into the Waikato River.

Both of which are about 50m for where the new bore is now located. Total Control Drilling were very careful and they were checked upon regularly to be sure that they did not show any ill practices from their drilling, and to make sure that they did not allow drilling water or any waste water to enter these significant features.

I thought that Jamie and his team operated a very clean camp and they performed the drilling of the bore to a very high standard. Throughout the drilling project Jamie had to meet with Council, Environment Waikato and Contact Energy staff that also passed judgment on their clean camp and effective operations.

The final requirement that Total Control Drilling had to perform as part of the resource consent with Environment Waikato was to plug and abandon our original geothermal bore.
This bore is located approximately 20 metres from the geothermal stream.

Total Control Drilling successfully completed the plug and abandon of our old bore, while still maintaining a clean camp, and they had no issues with any waste materials flowing into the nearby geothermal stream.

I was happy with the drilling experience and field related operations that Jamie and Total Control Drilling provided and I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie and his team at Total Control Drilling to other business owners.

Adrian Good - Director

David O’Hanlon (Director)

Cleanco Truck Wash Tauranga tendered their water bore drilling requirements in July 2015.

Jamie Thomas from Total Control Drilling won the tender and set out a schedule and plan that was actioned within a 4 day time frame.

Although not the cheapest option Total Control used the highest quality products which will only benefit us longer term.

Jamie was professional and easy to deal with and handled all the consents and paperwork allowing us focus on our business knowing this project was in good hands.

I would have no issues in recommending their services going forward.

CleanCo Truck Wash Tauranga

Theresa Le Bas

Our initial engagement of TCD’s expertise involved a maintenance assessment of an existing residential cold water bore on our property. Jamie Thomas undertook the assessment, on a public holiday, and recommended we replace the bore, and assessed it was likely the pump would need replacing too. That same night he prepared and lodged a resource consent application with the Regional Council to get the prerequisite consent process underway.

However, within a week we were also faced with a failing bore pump! Jamie immediately swung into action, assigned our job priority, and delivered a drilling rig and all equipment to site the following day. While the absence of a reliable water supply in the house was stressful, the TCD team lead by Jamie was at all times reassuring, available and professional. The discretionary effort put in by the TCD team to get water back into the house was phenomenal. We now not only have a very impressive new bore and pump (Jamie’s initial assessment on the old bore and pump was spot on), we also now have pristine water on tap far exceeding the water quality delivered through the old bore.

We have, based on our own personal experience, no hesitation in recommending TCD’s expertise and service in residential bores. The TCD team has been absolutely brilliant.

Water wells

Clive Jury

Total Control Drilling has recently drilled a well/bore for me at 1590 Otaraoa Road. They were very professional as they carried out the work. Safety was of a good standard. The communication was great. The work site including offices etc was very tidy. The reports etc that was received was a great help. All and all I was very happy with the job and the finished result was great with the bore doing what it should.